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Meet Venuestack - An event management platform that seamlessly integrates into your website, turning your site visitors into happy paying customers.

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Ghost CMS

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What is Venuestack?

Venuestack is a developer-centric event management platform that seamlessly integrates custom e-commerce into your websites or web applications in minutes.

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Registration and Ticketing
Our platform simplifies event registration by offering customizable forms and secure payment processing for seamless ticket sales.
Attendee Management
Effortlessly manage attendee data and waivers from a single, user-friendly dashboard while ensuring your attendees stay engaged and informed.
Discounts and Promotional Codes
Boost your event's appeal with discounts and promotional codes, while also enjoying our powerful marketing tools, including email marketing, social media integration, and the creation of captivating event websites.
Payment and Financial Management
Gain real-time insights into your event's financial health and efficiently manage transactions and refunds with our secure financial management system.
Event Analytics and Reporting
Harness the power of data with our in-depth event analytics, allowing you to track registration trends, participant demographics, and attendance data for informed decision-making.
Communication and Engagement
Connect effortlessly with your participants through seamless communication tools, enabling you to send event updates, notifications, and messages for a fully engaged audience.

With our technical admin now to a minimum we can focus on what matters most to us - our events and participant experience.

Adam Kourakis
Owner & Race Director | Somersault Events


Everything you need, in one snippet.

Embed a code snippet into your website and transform your website into a state-of-the-art event registration experience, customised to your brand.


Create your events

With your brand colours and logo, generate your link through the dashboard.


Embed into your website

Embed the links you generate into your product so your customers can easily register for your events.


Manage attendees

Start to see your attendees and orders appear in your dashboard.

Installation guides


Unlock powerful event management on WordPress with Venuestack's seamless integration. Create, manage, and promote events effortlessly.

Ghost CMS

Empower your Ghost CMS blog with Venuestack. Seamlessly integrate event management and keep your audience engaged with upcoming happenings.


Elevate your Shopify store with Venuestack's event management integration. Drive sales by hosting and promoting events directly on your e-commerce site.


Take control of your events on Drupal. Venuestack's integration lets you create, customize, and manage events seamlessly within your Drupal-powered website.


Simplify event planning on Squarespace. Integrate Venuestack to effortlessly create and manage events, boosting your online presence.


Enhance your Wix website with Venuestack's event management integration. Seamlessly organize and showcase events to your audience.

Building something custom?

Developers, Venuestack's APIs are your key to efficient event page creation. They not only unleash your creativity but also slash development time and costs. For agencies, this means faster project delivery and resource savings. Elevate your event experiences with Venuestack!

Developer Docs

import { Venuestack } from '@venuestack/api'

async function FetchEvents() {
  const venuestack = new Venuestack({
    token: process.env.VENUESTACK_ACCESS_TOKEN

  const events = await{
    limit: 10,
    active: true

  return events

Platform Pricing

Pay-as-you Grow

There are no monthly charges for ecommerce features, and we only take a small cut of each sale so that you keep the majority of what you earn.

4% + $2.00

+ the 3% credit card processing fees.

What’s included

  • Registration and Ticketing
  • Attendee Management
  • Discounts and Promotional Codes
  • Payment and Financial Management
  • Event Analytics and Reporting
  • Communication and Engagement

Large payments volume or unique business model?

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Frequently asked questions

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to our customer support team.

What does it take to get started?
After you create an account, you can directly make your first event. Choose a title, logo, and add a ticket for each (race) category, distance or discipline of your event. Next, you can set up all the extra things: time slots, products such as T-shirts, early-bird promotions, coupon codes, down payments, e-mail opt-ins, and more. Before you launch your event, you link your Bank account with Venuestack so that you can receive payments. After setting up your event you can share your checkout page on which participants will register. Even better is to place the checkout on your own website using our embed code.
How do participants register for my event?
Every event gets a special checkout page, the page on which participants can register. You can share this page directly with your participants, or you can integrate it with your website. If you integrate it with your website then the participant will stay on your website during the registration process.
Are there any limits to the use of Venuestack?
No, you can use all of Venuestack's features with no limits.
What does it cost?
Venuestack charges 4% + $2.00 per successful payment by your participants. The processing fees can either be deducted from your payout to applied to your customers at time of purchase.
How do I receive payments?
In order to receive payments you need to connect your bank account to Venuestack. You're participants pay with thier credit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc which will be sent directly to your bank account. You can configure the payout interval - by default payouts are sent on the first of every month.

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