guide - Integrating VenueStack Script and Registration Button into Shopify

Integrating external scripts and creating custom buttons in Shopify can enhance your eCommerce store's functionality. This guide will walk you through adding the VenueStack script to your Shopify site and creating a registration button for your events.

Step 1: Adding the VenueStack Script to Your Shopify Site

To add custom scripts to your Shopify store, you can edit your theme's code to include the script in the site's header or footer.

Editing Your Shopify Theme

  1. Access Your Theme's Code:
    • Log in to your Shopify admin dashboard.
    • Navigate to Online Store > Themes.
    • Find the theme you want to edit and click Actions > Edit code.
  2. Add the VenueStack Script:
    • In the theme editor, look for the theme.liquid file under the Layout directory.
    • Find the </head> tag.
    • Just before the </head> tag, paste the following script:
      htmlCopy code
      <script src="" defer></script>
    • Click Save to apply the changes.

This will ensure that the VenueStack script is loaded on every page of your Shopify store.

Step 2: Adding the Registration Button

To add a registration button for your events, you can either edit an existing page or create a new one where the button will be placed.

Editing a Page or Creating a New One

  1. Navigate to Pages:
    • In your Shopify admin, go to Online Store > Pages.
    • Choose an existing page to edit or click Add page to create a new one.
  2. Add the Registration Button:
    • In the page editor, switch to the HTML view by clicking the < > button in the rich text editor.
    • Paste the HTML code for the registration button where you want it to appear on the page:
      <a href="{EVENT_ID}/checkout" class="btn btn-primary">Register</a>
    • Replace {EVENT_ID} with the actual ID of your event.
    • You can style the button using Shopify's built-in CSS classes or add your own custom classes.
  3. Save the Page:
    • Once you've added the button, click Save to update or create the page.


Your Shopify site is now equipped with the VenueStack script, and your chosen pages have a registration button for your events. Remember to replace {EVENT_ID} with the specific ID of your event to ensure the link directs users correctly.

For any advanced customizations or if you encounter issues, consider reaching out to a professional Shopify developer or the Shopify support team.

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